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Mentor to women who want to co-create a better the world. Unleash your passion, and inspired passion to action!

Live on purpose toward your passion, dare to make a difference, and make it REAL!

R - Realize your purpose
E - Evolve
A - Authentic Living
L - Lead

* The Voice of Leadership, Co-Producer and Co-Host
* Get to More! of what you want in work and life, Owner
* Certified Professional Co-active Coach, Coaches Training Institute
* Registered Corporate Coach ™ (RCC) Worldwide Association of Business Coaches
* Authentic Business Development Consultant
* GET CLIENTS NOW!™ Facilitator
* Leaders Coaching Leaders Certified Facilitator
* Trained DiSC Profile Facilitator
* Change Works Practitioner

Bragging rights: I can't believe I get paid to do the work I am blessed to do. I am honored to be the Mother of an amazing son! I have created an abundant life of authenticity and fulfillment, and grateful for an incredible circle of friends and family. Can it get any better?

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