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I am not a music snob, nor will I EVER BE! People who try to tell everyone what is and isnt "real music" or who and who is not a real "musician/artist," are nothing more than music no-it-alls! These people are called "elitests" and just because they know a bunch of BS music trivia, does not make them experts! It makes them irritating little people who need to feel liked and looked up to. (GAG!) You will NEVER hear me use the phrase, "music just isnt what it used to be!" Well no sh***t sherlock! Every era has their Own music and only idiots who look back and say disco sucked or 80's hairbands were awful, had no idea its what was popular! Those douchebags will have their kids look back at their era of music and say the same thing! Omg, Im glad Im not THAT stupid! lol Did Beethoven whine about music back in 1600? I doubt it, haha. You just have to appreciate all music for what it was people! I'm 47 yrs old, a stay at home and all I listen to is rap and hip hop.....the filthier and dirtier the lyrics....the better! A bass and beat junkie....I want to feel music, not judge it!

-George Clinton