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  1. not the full story by any means. a fragment of a broader approach i'm hoping evolves from the hierarchy of complexity ideas... and there's room for the "pop out" effect (alien abductions too out on a limb, easier to talk about near death and out…
  2. and that, i believe (at the risk of being labeled a pseudo-scientist for entertaining such ideas) is where contemplative practitioners do their "research" - they use their minds, in a heightened state of focus, to release themselves from that single…
  3. of the universe. kind of kaleidoscopic. which is kind of bliss inducing to contemplate if one doesn't get to freaked out by the loss of a physical sense of boundedness. oh and, yes, back to buddhism (and jewish and hindu mysticisms regarding…
  4. but there i go again! i just set a new boundary: brain/body bounded by skin as the unit producing consciousness. but there is not body separate from the microbiota of the world around it. large multicellular creatures like humans cannot survive…