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Minke Elisa Brands (NL)
Choreography, artistic director

“My need to search for harmony and simplicity is built on complex strategies. I love to play with mathematical metaphors, which are performed by intelligent use of different craftsmanship. It’s a privilege to find these people and be able to work and explore with them.”

Graduated as a dancer at the Vaganova Ballet Academy in St. Petersburg Minke worked 10 years as a dancer at the National Ballet in Amsterdam, Shusaku / Bodytorium, the Rotterdam Dance Company and has done several show, musical and television work. As a graduate choreographer of the Rotterdam Dance Academy Minke makes performances since 2002 including “Lifeline”, "Out of Phase", "Monoloog Interieur" and “Verknipt Menuet”.
Her performances were to be seen at different theatres and festivals throughout the Netherlands, Germany and Italy.

For each project Minke pulls together a group of inventive artists such as composers, visual artists, lighting - or costume designers, writers and dancers. Minke works conceptual and analytical and touches her audience through her subtle dramatic story lines in her pieces. Remarkably is her dance idiom; taut, compelling movements interspersed with graceful arm movements and lascivious hips.

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