Chris Leuenberger

Bern, Switzerland

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Chris Leuenberger works internationally as a choreographer and performer and often collaborates with other artists in various contexts and formations. His piece White Horse – an attempt at live therapy won the ITS Choreography Award 07 and marked the beginning of an ongoing interest in a therapeutic approach to dance and theater. In autumn 2007 Chris founded the collective White Horse together with Lea Martini and Julia Jadkowski. After their debut piece TRIP (08) they made ROMANCE (09), TRIP en masse (10), GROUPIES and TOGETHER (2011). All of their work to date deals with social phenomena of togetherness as depicted in the mass media. The work of White Horse has been widely shown in venues and festivals in the Netherlands, Germany and Switzerland.
Together with Swiss choreographer and dancer Katy Hernan, Chris created the performance enter my bubble which won the Premio Award for young theatermakers in 2008 and was nominated for the ZKB Award at the Zürcher Theaterspektakel. Chris is an active member of Sweet&Tender Collaborations, an artist-driven initiative to create alternative means of production, out of which came the projects intimate walks & chanson triste (2007), furry (2008), Uniek (2009), I I I (2010) and Haut (2012).
Recurring themes in his work are intimacy, gender, the blurring of boundaries between fiction and reality, staged therapy and autobiography.

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