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  1. This 6 part series is an invaluable documentation and tool for learning. Thank you Vimeo for hosting it.
  2. This s the 6th part of the Chronicles of a Refugee, Starting with part 1 which is about the expulsion of Palestinians from their lands in Palestine in 1948 told by the few remaining survivors. It is a very useful history that has finally been put…
  3. Carey commented on Earthlings
    Thank you so much for having this film in your library. It has been a life changing eperience watching it, and renewed my strength to not participate in this vile animals products business. It's an incredible film, JP's narration is so calmly stated…
  4. Carey commented on Earthlings
    For me, a necessarily truthful life changing film, .I'm amazed that I have only just found it. I am grateful to Vimeo.