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The Furniture Furkey is an independent content driven online news and information resource for the furniture importers and furniture exporters. It is principally aimed at a universal furniture trade audience and also contains relevant content for visitors who have an interest in the whole furnishings sector.
We offer exceptional values on an extensive selection of high-quality furniture and accessories, available by website, catalog and retail store. Within each category, you will find numerous options for you to choose from. That way, we make it easy to find the style, size and color that suit your space and personality.
Although primarily read by retailers and providers to the retail trade, some content reflects news in the contract market.
From breaking news to daily headline grabbing information, is the site to read in the furniture industry. Our readers visit often to read newest collections, trends, who's who, research information, how to keep their retail store in business, and the list keeps growing.
With almost 10000 unique visitors a month, our site keeps the furniture industry in tune with its business and the world around.
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• Outdoor Furniture
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• E-Catalogs
• Classified Advertising.
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