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I am a digital and film photographer that currently lives and works in El Paso. I was born in Manila, Philippines, and was exposed to a combination of the vibrant and conflicting nature of a metropolis and the lush beauty of the tropics. I’ve learned my photographic and darkroom skills through a combination of hands-on experience and formal classes while living and traveling in the West and the Midwest. While I had an interest in photography and making photographs since I was young, beginning with flipping through the photography books in the family library, I started challenging myself to understand and learn the craft of photography in the last eight years. During that time I have had two shows and my photographs were selected to embellish the reception area of a law firm in Denver.

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Looking back through the memories of my experiences, the most important ones have been visual. I discovered a truth regarding this early on in life when I discovered that a “moment,” regardless of length or intensity, is a true record of what constitutes existence. Adopting photography as my medium has been the most natural way for me to express my vision.

I strive for moments that stem from the forgotten places, things cast aside, the items people overlook in their passage, the detritus left behind, what people might see and then ignore. I have learned through repeated experience of having a camera, whatever kind at hand and accessible, is the most valuable item I can have once a moment appears. I find myself influenced by the works of Brassai, Weegee, Walker Evans, Dorothea Lange, Russell Lee, Arthur Rothstein and Jack Delano.

I often photograph at night, primarily using what light there is available, to record moments that are not always noticed or seen without the benefit of long exposures. I walk the same paths and challenge myself to see what I missed on them the last time or what is different or out of place. I never stop looking at the world around me in the hopes that I can catch that fleeing moment, whether in stoic solitude, serene flora, quiet and unknown night, or in the valiant light.

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  • Flickr - My Flickr page - where the vast majority of my work is found
  • Tumblr - my Tumblr, for photos and occasional ramblings


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