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I have been a freelance Avid Video Editor since 2003, previous to that I was employed by the BBC for 16 years.
I started as a Film Assistant working with 16mm and 35mm film supporting the film editing department. I also gained valuable experience grading film for Telecine transfer. The introduction of video offline editing allowed me to work with all formats of videotape from VHS to 2" to Digibeta and everything in-between. I was able to start editing with Avid in the early 1990's, on the then new first versions of NLE software.
I have edited a variety of programme formats for broadcast on BBC TV from magazine programmes, documentary, studio recordings, locations, news, education and also promotional, corporate and education materials that are distributed on various other media platforms.
I have my own editing suite in Milton Keynes, I enjoy editing all different types of programme formats.
Recently I have become involved in producing music videos for a local artist and also documenting BTS footage.
If you have a story to tell, or have a talent that needs to be exposed through video media please get in touch.


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