Margaret Torrini

Lausanne Switzerland

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Margaret Clear Torrini
• Member of CID (world center for research in dance).
• Included in the UNESCO

Sohaleila middle to you cut the breath, Margaret Claire Torrini is sublime and surprising in her dance. As it relates Pseudonym marvelously well, "Sohaleila", means according to a legend Iranian, that of a goddess of wisdom and drunk beauty… As a sun in the night, she delights souls and hearts, Sohaleila middle captivates the public and knows transmit the virus The more daring who wish dancing with it.
Sohaleila occurs at the map for birthdays, dinner of undertakings, burial of life of young girl and boy, galas of society, foundation and inauguration,… with its choreography and the beauty of costumes choose especially for you, it enlighten the eyes of the participants blown away by its lightness. Its professionalism as well as its flexibility and its ease, the place as an artist outside pair. Open your eyes and enjoy this time of emotion.

Information : 00 41 (0)79 691 21 85 / Cf. "Google" MARGARET Torrini and on Youtube
Soon :

Sohaleila choreographer Interpreter
Sohaleila Middle offers you a range of services which the show choreographed will in the spectacle of improvisation with CDs or musicians (Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt…) occurring both in Switzerland and abroad.

Spectacle choreographed
To a public of all ages, this type of spectacle may agree and produces between and on the tables, in a garden, in the street and to all spaces as on stage. The duration varies between 3 minutes to 1H45, or even more if there is to other artists. The organizer chosen the choreographies are custom which and adapted to the needs traveling from classical style Egypt to traditional dances by passing by the "contemporary music". Following the type of dance, they may be embellished of accessories such as the cane, the stick, saggatts (zils), the veil, the sabre, the candles.

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