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The Mississippi Delta

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I get to spend my time connecting people and organizations in the MS Delta who share a common goal of rebuilding local, community based food systems that are sustainable and equitable and that can bring economic, health and social benefits to a part of the world that is blessed with extraordinarily rich soil.

People all over the MS Delta are beginning to grow their own food - in backyard, church and community gardens, raised beds, high tunnels, and fields.

A growing network of folks in the Delta Fresh Foods Initiative have begun to view agriculture in the deep south in a new way - an empowering way that instills pride and self sufficiency and that provides safer, more nutritious and better tasting food. We are on a pathway to building health and wealth in the Delta!

Stay tuned for a great video featuring kids in Belzoni who are telling the story of their "Original Roots Youth Garden Club" through a PhotoVoice project they expect to complete by September.

You can learn more about good things happening in the Delta at deltafreshfoods.org.