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Ian Woolston-Smith's career has been marked by years of
experience working on features, television, national commercials,
music videos, and documentaries. Ian pursued his early interest
in cinematography with a Bachelor Of Fine Arts Degree in cinema,
as well as studying at the Maine Film And Television Workshops with
Academy Award winning cinematographers, like Walter Lassally, BSC.
Lassally's course on camera operating, and lighting, was a 12 hour a day
crash course introduction to what the future would bring. Ian's many
experiences led him to study Steadicam Operating with the renowned
inventor, Garrett Brown, and master Steadicam operator, Larry McConkey.

Ian's work in commercials gives him the opportunity to shoot with
master cinematographers like Stefan Czapsky, Howard Atherton,
Pascal Lebegue, Jean-Yves Escoffier, and director David LaChapelle.
Ian worked the rise of music video shooting in collaboration with
many loyal directors like Brett Ratner, Joseph Kahn, Roman Coppola,
and Nigel Dick. Ian's wealth of musical experience comes in handy
when working on music video parodies with Akiva Schaffer, for
Saturday Night Live, and other SNL projects, with directors like
Seth Meyers, and Rhys Thomas.

Features with lots of moving camera can involve operating A or B
camera as well, for Ian. He operated in New York, for legendary Italian
Steadicam Operator, and DP, Nicola Pecorini, on the movie "Harrison's
Flowers". Ian repeatedly works well with actor / directors, who are
in front of the camera while directing, like Matthew Broderick, Mario Van
Peebles, and David Arquette.

Ian's Television work includes many action movies with children,
stunts, and sophisticated animal scenes. After operating Steadicam
on these complicated shows Ian has become a regular for well known
clients who love Steadicam. Ian also operated Dave Chappell's Emmy
nominated show, "Charlie Murphies True Hollywood Stories: Rick James".
Recently for SNL, "Mother Lovers" sequel to the Emmy winning short "Dick
in a Box", as well as "I Just Had Sex", and the "Amazon 50 Shades Of Grey" ad.

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