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Every so often God blesses artists that comes along who can not only hold their own with the current sound, but can take that sound to a completely different level all on their own. The artists with this power are a rare breed, and in a time when lack of creativity dulls our genre, Eclipse light shines brighter than ever. Pedro Sergio Vazquez, a.k.a. Eclipse, possesses that power to push the entire genre into a higher level. As an artist Eclipse has performed and graced the stage for countless majors signed artist(s) to the music industry such as:
• John Legend
• Remy Ma
• Nervous System
Those were just couple out of the long list of countless performances Eclipse has done. It was destined that one day the name & image was going to be powerful, to the industry today. Eclipse started to mold himself as a producer/songwriter & artist by making beats, creating his own sound and style, writing and vocal arranging his own work. Eclipse had plenty of family support, so with that kept in mind, and the persuasion of his own heart, and some important figures in his life, he turned to music. he developed a love for it at a young age and decided it was a great way to keep his mind busy and focused. Later in life, Eclipse began making music on his own from Rap to Pop, R&B, Rock & Trance etc. Unable to find other producers to furnish his vocals, he took it upon himself, with his training and natural talent, to produce his own music. Currently Eclipse is working on a solo debut that will feature up coming artist along with NS. They say every 7 years an eclipse will appear, but we won't have to wait that long for The Almighty Eclipse to make his presence felt and known. So with that be said, we will prepare to hear one of Hip-Hop's most valiant, vivid, vicious, versatile, vibrant, venomous, vulgar villain who has a vendetta against "rappers" and "emcees" who continue to produce music that is slowly deteriorating the true essence that Hip-Hop should provide. "Super Human Ability, Lyrical Versatility so with great power comes great responsibility" -Eclipse (2009)

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