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Jake Twyman is an Editor, Animator and Motion Graphics designer for Film and Adverts.

Jake’s background is in Editing predominantly, working with many different clients and projects for the past 5 years. He embarked on a degree at Bath Spa in Creative Media Practice to further this passion. Whilst studying at Bath Spa, Jake went on to edit a number of short films, one of which winning the Line Up Film Festival 2013. He also directed his own shorts, designed, modelled and animated a 4-minute 3D animation. This work led to opportunities to design animations for Glastonbury festival, Bath Life Awards, Bath Film Festival and TedYouthTalks.

With skills in Cinema 4D, After Effects, Final Cut 7 – X, Maya, Premiere and Davinci resolve, Jakes skillset widens every year, leaving no task in post-production unachievable. Jakes most recent animation ‘The Man Between The Mountains’, is set for multiple film festivals around the U.K. in order to promote his achievement. After only having a year to learn animation, without any professional aid, he relishes in the task of being proactive.

He is now a post-graduate from Bath Spa University with plans to move to Bristol in late 2013.



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