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Producer at Artvark film&television

Works as a producer, assistant director and production manager in a wide range of fields such as feature films, music videos, short films, commercials and documentaries.

Has the ability to organize and execute projects from pre-production to the end of post production; has immaculate budgeting and planning skills.


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  2. Djordje Stamenkovic - MaSsA
  3. Rob Whitworth
  4. VIP FILMS - The Production Label
  5. theNOfilm
  6. schoenheitsfarm gmbh &
  7. FilmBrigada
  8. IYMS
  9. msakiya
  10. Sid Cadervink
  11. Juniper Jones
  12. Ranko Dragic Kijuk
  13. ATER Studio
  14. LCF Media
  16. Nki
  17. Band Pro Film & Digital
  18. Vladan Pavic, DoP

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