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LA w/ New England state of mind

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My animation experience began as a "basement" animator after attending classes at the Yellow Ball Workshop in Arlington, MA. I pursued animation in college at RISD, as a Teacher's Assistant and working in techniques of fusing animation and live-action film, and received a BA degree in 1989.
In 1993 I was commissioned to illustrate & animate for an interactive computer installation for kids at the New England Aquarium. My colleague Keith Kirkpatrick handled the computer-side assets once converted into digital format, and optimizing graphics then was an enormous challenge.
Time to re-tool the brain: I completed the Maya Animation Curriculum at DHIMA in 2003 and continued into Character Animation class with Mike Disa. His focus was the re-emphasis of fluid, classical techniques, applied to the 3D environment.
I adore this craft. I seek to fearlessly bend it, tweak it, de-provincialize it and master it, to hug it and squeeze it and call it George, to push the aesthetic forward and bring the art back into the machine....and have a blast.

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