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  1. Superheroes

    by Captain Márvel

    361 Videos / 56 Followers

    "Gathered together from the cosmic reaches of the universe, here in this great channel of justice, are the most powerful forces of good ever assembled!"

  2. The Spirit World

    by Erick C.

    277 Videos / 699 Followers

    Weirdo, beautiful, and simple videos. Kindred spirits in video form. Only post in the Shout Box if you are a Subscriber and the videos fit on this channel. Look around first and view other people's…

  3. The Adobe Channel

    by Mark Jensen

    252 Videos / 993 Followers

    A channel for anything adobe created on vimeo. Got some tutorials and just great videos made with adobe products.

  4. Woofy Woof!

    by loonachic

    123 Videos / 66 Followers

    dog videos

  5. Cats

    by Zack Wolk

    110 Videos / 208 Followers

    The place for all your feline needs :) Drop your cat photos and video off to the right blog bank. We won't be posting abuse to cats, this includes throwing them on to bubblewrap. Thanks! ::purr::

  6. CTD3's Us Folk music guests

    by CTD3

    84 Videos / 46 Followers

    Hosting a weekly radio show on Portland, Maine's Community radio station http://www.WMPG.org often includes a variety of guests (local, regional, national and international) from acoustic, independent…

  7. The Ghost Channel

    by Keen Johns

    79 Videos / 38 Followers

    We all have a need to justify life, what is it all about? Does any form of our existence continue after death? In other words, is this it, we live then we die end of story. Think on this, before…

  8. The Marmite Channel

    by SteveR

    78 Videos / 44 Followers

    The Marmite Channel. A place for videos about Marmite.

  9. Wound Up

    by So Jane

    51 Videos / 82 Followers

    A kid friendly collection of toys and curiosity.

  10. Claymation Admiration

    by Elemeno Pee

    50 Videos / 109 Followers

    It takes a lot of patience and perseverance with such a technique. Not everyone finishes a clay animation with their sanity intact.

  11. Video Challenge

    by Remyyy

    42 Videos / 1,190 Followers

    The idea : At the same time, some constraints are given, you have to make a movie with it.

  12. CTD3's Choice Clips

    by CTD3

    33 Videos / 4 Followers

    My favorite choice clips and choice finds from the vimeo universe.

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