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  1. I finally re-recorded the video via iMovie on my macbook pro and went thru the process of exporting it and it looks like it is going to work. I have not changed any settings in my Vimeo account or iPad so I do not believe the issue of uploading…
  2. The first three attempts say 26.9 but just a percentage sign below (no number next to it), attempt 4 says 29.1 with a percentage sign below it (no number next to it), and the 5th attempt says 11.6 with the percentage sign below it (no number next…
  3. Yes, it was. iPad 2. Uploaded via the vimeo app on the iPad.
  4. Still no resolve. The 4th attempt is still on the site but not finished processing/uploading (whatever the term would be). Re-recorded and uploaded. Same issue. Frustrated. This is a graduate assignment due yesterday. Haven't had any issue…
  5. No response on this one. I've since deleted these three attempts (do you know the definition of insanity?--doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result). I re-recorded and have uploaded...only to have the same issue. Hoping…
  6. After attempting to upload the same video 4xs yesterday to no avail...all had upload failures...I re-recorded my video and have attempted to upload it today (iPad 2 via the Vimeo app). It is still having the same issue. This is a graduate assignment…
  7. It is an iPad 2. I recorded using the built-in video camera and then loaded it into the vimeo app.
  8. I've tried it three times. Deleted the first. The link above is the 2nd. And there's a 3rd. Why is it failing? Links:,