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I love writing music for peoples images.

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  1. Hi Carlo I would be interested in working on this. My reel and info about me are attached. James Link: http://com-ponere.com/
  2. Hi Bell. I am London/Toronto based commercial composer and would like to collaborate. Check my site! - i can send video reel at request Link: http://jamesboyd.bandzoogle.com
  3. Hey Thomas. check out things here - would be happy to talk further Link: http://jamesboyd.bandzoogle.com
  4. Hi. Realize this has gone but if you are still in need check the link. Reliable fast and 100% sample free! Link: jamesboyd.bandzoogle.com
  5. Hi. Here is another link for your consideration. Takk. Link: jamesboyd.bandzoogle.com
  6. Hey I would be interested. Please check out the following. I can email a full reel on request. 100% rights ownership and work to tight deadlines. Link: jamesboyd.bandzoogle.com
  7. Hi. Would be pleased to contribute for credit. Please check out my site/sound cloud. Link: jamesboyd.bandzoogle.com