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  1. Hot liquid proton magma!!
  2. I loved tiesto years ago in my rave days
  3. that pretty blond was laughing at me for 5 days!! Alex Grey is the man, just watched something with him one youtube last night.
  4. Godzilla ate my cousin
  5. Happy Birthday!!!
  6. I work graveyard. Im allowed to sleep from midnight to 6 and Im woken up randomly to help someone use the bathroom ( work with disabled people ). Ive had this job for 3 months. Im already feeling crazy. When Im home I only sleep 4-5 hours. On a…
  7. how do you game and listen to podcast? that would be perfect. Is borderlands 2 good? Number 1 didnt do it for me.
  8. galaxy s3... I use a 6 year old gz-one. It takes a beating and I dont want to pay 150$ data plans lol.