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This year’s International Festival of Intermedia Art (former International Festival of Computer Arts) has a slightly different concept. The timetable of events already started with the spring cycle of Electroacoustics, the performance Futur 1985 and Fenshu's live electronic. The festival will conclude with a series of autumn events.

To lovers of this creativeness and other nosy parkers, we have offered various insights on combining computer technologies and art, ranging from digital acoustic sound arrangements to intermedia and multimedia performances. Thus, the festival brings the Slovene public into contact with the international intermedia projects production in order to create intercultural dialogue and collaboration. For its starting point, the program committee chose an intriguing question: "Can an image show anything else today?" Following our perspective of Maribor as the European Capital of Culture in 2012, the festival is getting intensively involved in a developing cycle by presenting renowned international artists.

We believe that this year's festival will initiate some interesting reflections on the dynamic relation between technology and creativeness. We also hope that you will attend at least some of the events ahead of us. The organization of individual festival events was co-financed by private and public companies, which by supporting cultural events strengthen their public reputation. To them we would like to express our sincere thanks.

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