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4WD Mechanix Video Network at Vimeo On Demand is now the source for how-to instructional and training videos. Moses Ludel performs all hands-on work, providing detailed instructional steps and narration for each closely edited feature. The result is a quality viewing experience over all platforms—from mobile devices and laptops to PC computers and HD big screen television!

Moses Ludel is the best selling author and illustrator of the Jeep® Owner's Bible and six other Jeep®, 4x4 light truck and motorcycle Owner's Bible books from Bentley Publishers (Cambridge, MA). In addition to hands-on experience and years of instructing Automotive Technologies and Welding/Fabrication, Moses Ludel's writing career spans more than three decades at magazine and newspaper journalism, professional color and B&W photography and videography.

In an era of audio-visual learning, these Vimeo On Demand HD video step-by-step streaming rentals help professional technicians and 'DIY' mechanics perform top level work from the very first project. A generous 30-day rental period allows room for parts procurement, sublet machine work and unpredicted obstacles that surround these projects. Whether you conduct shop classes or simply want to perform the best work possible on your vehicle, these HD videos quickly instill professionalism and confidence around the tasks.

Moses Ludel is the founder, publisher and video producer at 4WD Mechanix Magazine and HD Video Network: 4WDmechanix.com. The magazine offers extensive technical and outdoor lifestyle content for off-road enthusiasts. Want answers to your technical questions or lively discussion with others? Join the 4WD Mechanix 'Tech and Travel' Forums at forums.4WDmechanix.com.

For more details, see Moses Ludel's career portfolio at: mosesludel.net.

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