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San Clemente.- by Land or by Sea

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MUD ENERGY Gels from Dirt + H20, Inc. offer the most comprehensive natural ingredient profile on the market for sustaining peak performance, health, and recovery. Available in both caffeinated (from naturally powerful guarana seeds) and non-caffeinated (replacing guarana with therapeutic ginger) versions, Mud Energy Gel is fortified with a full spectrum of essential nutrients such as organic sweeteners and coconut water for optimal glycogen synthesis and essential hydration, as well as 12 grams of a dual stage protein -- and Sustamine, a clinically proven di-peptide amino acid combination for easy digestion and muscle recovery. The “Mud” Formula also includes a Sea Mineral Concentrate rich in magnesium, chloride and other natural electrolytes and the finest 36% sweet ground dark chocolate. Whether on land or in the sea, Mud Energy Gels are specifically made to help ENERGIZE. MAXIMIZE. & SUSTAIN™ you on your next adventure.

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