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I really enjoy editing videos and I am always looking to get better. I think the best stuff happens in post and that is where you can really make a video awesome.
Here is my resume which also includes work history irrelevant to video production, but hey, it shows that I have worked in the past:
John Matthew Addison Taylor
961 Fortwood Street
Chattanooga, TN 37403
Cell Phone: (615) 418-9468

Academic Summary:
Junior – University of Tennessee at Chattanooga
G.P.A: 3.4
Major – Communications
Minor - Anthropology

Station Camp High School
G.P.A: 3.1
Took college level courses and received college credit of a total of 6 credit hours.

Technical Skills:
• I have plenty of experience using Mini DV cameras and VX 1000 cameras.
• I also have experience using Final Cut Pro.
• I have practice using Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, and Powerpoint.
• I helped to create flyers for Mindflow Media for an event they were having.
Walmart- Stockman/Cart pusher- part-time, May 2009- August 2010
Responsibilities included:
• Cleaning and stocking
• Collecting and restocking grocery carts
• Helping customers carry groceries to their vehicles
Café Rakka- Server- part-time, May 2011- August 2011
Responsibilities included:
• Customer service
• Taking orders/ carrying food
• Reorganization of the store
• Cleaning
Jets Pizza – Delivery driver- part-time, October 2011- present
Responsibilities included:
• Washing dishes
• Answering phones/taking orders
• Memorizing routes quickly

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