Nato Caliph

St. Louis, MO (USA)

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"Nato Caliph captivates audiences with thought-provoking lyrics. Well known to underground Hip Hop listeners, his impressive body of work generates sales and interest across the globe.

Nato has collaborated with artists ranging from Kyjuan and Murphy Lee of the St. Lunatics, to Black Spade, Rockwell Knuckles, Tef Poe, GLC, Vast Aire, Naledge (of Kidz in the Hall), Prince EA, and Sadat X to name a few. He has moved crowds at the Missouri Black Expo and a number of St. Louis hot spots including The Pageant, The Gramophone, Atomic Cowboy/Fox Hole, Mississippi Nights, Blueberry Hill, Hi Pointe, Red Sea, Creepy Crawl, The Gramophone, and The Old Rock House. Having recently opened up for Common downtown at the 2010 St Louis Summer Fest, as well as the Celebrate St. Louis Summer concert series sharing the stage with Bell Biv Devoe in front 10,000+ people in July of 2011, as well as performed with The St. Lunatics and Bilal on stage.

Nato provides an experience that is altogether satisfying, revealing lyrical expression that borders on a level of genius. His impeccable timing and intelligent concepts easily surpass the bar of what is expected of a top-quality Hip Hop artist."

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