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  1. I have loved rufus ever since i seen them on triple j, the sky is the limit for these guys.
  2. Good video i really like it, makes me want to go to Singapore again.
  3. Peter Mcsmith commented on EuroLapse
    Hi love the video, im trying to learn about all this at the moment, i was just wondering, do you film normally and then edit in post, or take a series of photos? i know it can be done both ways just wondering which is best.
  4. Wow that is amazing, it almost looks like a cartoon or a miniature scale model in parts. How did you get that strange "mist" effect ?.
  5. I love Marina Bay Sands its and amazing building with a great view. This video is thrilling and very well made.
  6. If you dont mind me asking, what camera and editing program do you use, cool video. Im looking at getting into a bit of this type of thing as a hobby.