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I am a Dancer/Performer, visual artist and emerging Choreographer- a native of Russia with degree (BS) in Linguistics (Russian, English, Mandarin) 2004, AmGUniversity, Russia and (BA) in dance from Queens College, NYC 2011. During my dance carrier I toured in China and Russia with “Image” company performing theater based and out-door/site sensitive work ranging from Celebration of China Festival to opening of sports arenas for 3 year. In NYC I closely worked with Edisa Weeks, Yin Mei Critchel, Adel Meyers and Max Stone and performed in contemporary concerts in NYC, Kanzas and Boston. Few short works of mine were performed in NYC Summer stage Festivals, Cultural Festivals, Dance New Amsterdam Theater. In London I am working on creating something new and refreshing, “love is in us” is a first project I am exploring. It has not been shown to anyone and it is still in an early stage of development.

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