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Seoul, South Korea

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I am a multi-media artist with an MFA in Dance from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. For me, dance is moving sculpture living in a time-based environment: my interest in the human form and its manipulation has taken me from the proscenium to site specific work, from performance installation and virtual reality to dance for the screen. I desire a genuine, organic relationship with technology and movement, focusing on the depth of information provided by the moving body. I am simultaneously fascinated and skeptical of technology. It is a very seductive tool that, in my opinion, is most effective when used simply. I am curious about the kinesthetic response one has as both performer and audience to interactive environments. How is interaction "felt" and perceived by a viewer? How does one design a feedback loop that is non-arbitrary, one that can contribute towards an embodied performance event?

Laban/Bartenieff Movement Analysis is fundamental to my philosophy, teaching, choreography, and design and I have completed the coursework in Laban Bartenieff Movement Analysis at the Laban/Bartenieff Institute for Movement Studies in New York. I'm currently working on my thesis to receive the official CMA (Certified Movement Analyst) title.

I have been fortunate to share my choreography and research internationally: in Canada, Italy, and Germany and in the US at Summer Stages Dance (Concord, MA), the Krannert Center (Urbana, IL), Links Hall, The Building Stage and The Chicago Cultural Center (Chicago, Illinois) and at the 2007 Dumbo Dance Festival in NY. FraMEShift was presented during the Teatro a Corte's summer festival in 2012 in Torino and Look Both Ways was created for Body Expression Dance Company in 2013 in Taiwan.

I have worked as a free-lance dancer, educator, multi-media artist and choreographer from Chicago to Torino to Taiwan as a Fulbright Scholar, Henry Luce Scholar and through the support of a US Embassy Research Grant. I am currently on faculty at the Seoul Institute of the Arts as well as serving as director and facilitator for Experimental Film Virginia and the Harbor for the Arts Festival in Cape Charles, Virginia, an event supported by the National Endowment for the Arts.

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