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Born in Mexico City, Ximena Valero’s Latin vibrancy pulsates through her designs – the joy of sun on an exposed back, the appreciation of a woman’s curves, the way a full skirt makes you want to dance. This style shaped Valero’s initial designs as a young prodigy designer in Mexico and as a student at FIDM in Los Angeles. Early positions as a swimwear designer for Racerette and as a lingerie designer for Victoria Secret lines Pink, Angel and Very Sexy helped to hone her knowledge of fit-inspired construction.

After collaborating with Elite Models and his founder John Casablancas, Valero shared her unique style with the fashion world with her 2006 Spring and Fall collections shown at New York Fashion Week. Her draping technique, along with fabric choice and braided details, was recognized for its casual flattering femininity. A whirlwind of travel and acclaim followed with a feature as one of sixty talented upcoming artists in Daab’s Young Upcoming Designers Americas, shows in the Dominican Republic, Paraguay and Miami where she received the 2007 Miami Fashion Week’s Excellence in Evening Wear Award.

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