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About Andre From Idlewood
Originally from Rockford, IL, Andre is a high energy performer that seems to catch the attention of all the people that are in the venue he performs in with his dazzling array of covers and stuns them with his brilliant original tunes. Once a firefighter, Andre tends to bring his fearless attitude to playing original songs that have no comparison to any other style of playing. It is said he has a "percussionistic" style of playing rhythm guitar, and a "Rock and Soul" vocal style.
Currently performing in the Jacksonville, FL area, Andre From Idlewood is no stranger to live performance, having played in many venues from Chicago, IL to Charleston, SC all the way down to Jacksonville, FL. His latest success was landing a spot for a live performance on the show "YourJax Music" on the National Network "CW". Most of the music comes from a mixture of improv and artist/listener communication. He has been known to rely on his "on the spot" interaction to propel thru setlists.

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