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We have teamed together of 4 of the best snowboarders in Verbier, to compete in the World Freeride qualifiers in the 2013 season. Most of them have competed before and our aim is to help them have the best season possible and hopefully get them to qualify for the Freeride World Tour in 2014.
As you know The ‘Extreme’ festival in Verbier is the most prestigious event on the world tour and is the final of the Freeride world tour. Verbier is a mecca of freeride and we want one of our own riders to compete on the world tour next year. The Freeride world tour organizers often give the honor of the first run of the infamous Bec du Rosse to the top seeded rider from the qualifiers. Our goal is for this to be a rider from Verbier.
This would be a rider who has qualified for a place on the Freeride world tour for the next years competition. This year we believe we have a great chance for our riders to succeed in this goal. There are 3 places up for grabs and we have an excellent team of riders, who are all capable of qualifying.
We have come up with the format of 'Project 1936' to follow the riders in training and competition through out the season. We will video and broadcast every aspect of their season, in order to promote them help fund their them and create the best team conditions to help them improve and succeed.

We have a number of different sponsors both from Verbier and the wider community, and all have mentioned that we should approach you and see how we may be able to work in partnership, both in promoting Verbier and helping our competitors achieve their goals.


  2. Up Z'Air Productions
  3. Chanka Prod
  4. Nitro Snowboards