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This site is created and managed by C Stoller. A photographer, producer, director, playwright, actor, former agent that represented
stars, models, actresses, companies, in order to protect their "Image(s), voice" from unauthorized use, from infringers. C. Stoller was an expert witnesses who can establish damages for a famous person at trial, so they can recover a lot of money. Leo Stoller was awarded The Right to Publicity Expert for the Stars 2005 Award from the Americans for the Enforcement of Intellectually Property Rights Association. Stoller knows how to protect the image of famous people. Leo Stoller has appeared on FOX News, CBS, in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Chicago Sun times. Leo Stoller was an actor, poet, director and playwright. Holds a Masters Degree in Theatre.

AUTHOR, PUBLISHED "Juice for Peanuts" a prison diary, "Pro Se Guide to Litigation" and other books and plays.
Leo Stoller was also a LEGAL ETHICS AND INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY EXPERT, valuations, expert witness testimony, trademark surveys, brief writer, Leo Stoller graduated from Mayville State College with a BS Degree and North Dakota State University, MASTERS DEGREE. Leo Stoller is the nation's most renowned Legal Ethics and Intellectual Property Entrepreneur, blogger, with many years of experience in the field of brief writing, trademarks, licensing and enforcement, expert witness testimony, trademark valuation Expert and legal ethics expert. Leo Stoller has appeared on FOX NEWS, CBS and in numerous national news papers including the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Chicago Sun Times etc and on many radio talk shows. Leo Stoller is ready to go to work for you: contact information: Leo Stoller, P,O> Box 60645, Chicago, Illinois 60660. 312-545-4554 Email ldms4@hotmail.com/
Copyright Leo Stoller 2012, all rights reserved. I accept no liability for
incorrect or inaccurate information appearing here. Use of this site is
subject to our "terms of use" which is published here. Nothing can be
duplicated without written permission. See you at the top!
Likes: Trademarks etymology the lexicon chess history of war the law and
changing the law to make it more equitable by writing legal briefs to
convince appellate justices how the lower courts committed reversible error
Favorite Movies
30 Seconds over Tokyo
Beethoven 5th and 9th Symphonies Ralph Vaughan Williams Fantasia on
Greensleeves and favorite operas TOSCA and Madame Butterfly by Puccini

Languages Sanskrit Hittite Sumerian Pharaonic Akkadian Hebrew Zuni Etruscan Tocharian Nostratic Latvian

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