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I am currently a student at the University of Technology Sydney, studying Communications and majoring in Media Arts and Production. My dream is to work in an industry that allows for creativity and courageous story telling, and allows me to explore the world in new and interesting ways and to share that vision with the world through my art. As Georges Melies eloquently phrased it:

“It’s wonderful, Monsieur Melies, simply wonderful. The Cinematographe is only a scientific curiosity. My invention is not for sale. Dear Monsieur Melies I have no desire to see you ruin yourself. The Cinematographe has no commercial value.” -1895, Louis Lumiere

“No future Monsieur Lumiere? It puts the whole world within the grasp within the reach of everyone.” –1895, Georges Melies’ response to Louis Lumiere’s response

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  1. da cinemata commented on UTS BEATS
    this is really good work. congrats Shea!