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This is to introduce Image Inn Productions (IIP) as one of the leading and innovative production houses in Pakistan, having the best and the geniuses of media production industry equipped with state-of-the-art and latest equipment. Use of the latest equipment, the finest methods, creative ideas and the most modern techniques to produce content make us innovative and artistic.
We, being a video production company, have delivered high quality films, 3D videos and television production services to foreign and domestic clients. Our clientele ranges from multinationals, corporations, non-profit organizations to advertising agencies, pharmaceutical companies, NGOs, educational institutions, and SMEs. Our film video, editing and animation production facilities are designed to satisfy and surpass the requirements for producing the highest quality videos with most creative treatment. Image Inn Productions has worked with all leading brands like BBC urdu, KFC, HOM, HBL, Life Bouy, Askari Bank, Zong, Abbot, PTCL, Different Advertising Agencies & more.
Image Inn Productions owns a division specialized in post-production works, named as Brand Garrage. Brand Garrage is the Freshly launched Film and Television Post Production House specializing in the 2D and 3D Compositing, 2D and 3D Animation , Character Animation and Non-Linear Editing and timely delivery. It has worked with all leading brands like MCB, PEPSI, Bake Parlor, Lemon Max, PTCL, Dawn Bread, Giggly, Nestle & more.
Creativity, insight and discipline have always remained our pillars of strength. Our enviable stature has been achieved through careful planning, disciplined action and specialization, which is reflected at all stages. In the constantly changing world of entertainment, we have discovered that certain factors for success remain the same and they are: Conceptualization, Sharp focus on content, Efficient management of the talent pool & Driving channel profits. We operate on Broadcast formats like 35mm, HD, Digital Betacam, DVCam and Betacam.
We offer a range of services to our valuable clients, which include:
• TV Commercials
• Corporate / Marketing Video
• Public Service Messages
• Character Animation
• Voice Over
• Motion Graphics
• Infomercials
• Script Writing
• Music Videos
• Video Editing
• 3D Animation
• Architectural Animation

Whether you need promotional videos, corporate video presentation or television production services, we remain at your disposal to create wonderful work that closely servers your brand demands.

We are proud of ourselves for our experience and creativity and will continue to work smartly to ensure that our clients are satisfied with our video, film, documentary and television production services.

We are eager to be a part of your next advertising campaign and look forward to serve you.

Happy Imagining,
Image Inn Productions

Best regards,

Saqib Ali Khan
Image Inn Productions | 0345-2381271 |