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My name is Chris Westerström, and I am a Homo Sapien inhabitant of the planet earth. I am less hairy than my primate counterparts, but I also have a more highly developed brain, and am capable of abstract reason, language, introspection and emotion. These might not be the best qualities for more primitive organisms who seek simple ego fulfillment and short term gains, but it is great for those, such as myself, that dabble in arts, sports and entertainment and look to find a deeper meaning and purpose in what appears to be a rather absurd existence. I started in film making because I wanted to share some of my observations with other evolved beings.
Now, I am in it for the money.
Just kidding, but I did have to move out of parents house at some point and that is how I got started sending invoices. But I also write scripts, act, do voice and camera work for a living. When I am not doing that I am probably surfing or procrastinating on the internet.


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