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  1. The source is the Hole where the water comes out. I didn't see that.
  2. Mate, thanks. But all I see here are a bunch of disconnected puddles. Where's the little hole where the water comes out. THAT'S the source.
  3. Mate, it was great to see it, but go look at the Source of the Nile video. The guy shot right into the little hole where the water came out. A zoom lens would have done that, we saw that little hole at the very top for a fraction of a second. Uh,…
  4. Thank you! After waiting for 58 years of life, I have finally seen the Source of the Nile. This mighty river is 4,199 miles long, the longest river on earth. Out of that little tiny hole! And it was never discovered at all before 2006! After thousands…