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  1. Well, I'm sure it's an interesting concept but I think you might want to change the line, "In order to be in America you had to come from some place else" since there were thousands of people living here before the Europeans came from "some place else."
  2. Oh Maya, I am just beginning to learn of all you did during your lifetime to help the children of the world. Thank you and may we carry on that work with fierce love. Lilith
  3. She sure was a mentor to millions. Blessings on her. Lilith
  4. Wonderful poem beautifully read by Queen Latifa. Thanks for sharing. Lilith
  5. Wonderful to see and hear Maya Angelou speak her words of wisdom and truth. I am proud to be one of her daughters and I hope to pass on her wisdom to my daughters and grand daughters. Bless you Maya Angelou. Lilith Rogers
  6. Excellent---says it all in ways all can understand. Thanks, Lilith
  7. Enjoying listening to Deb talk about her beautiful book on KPFA right now while watching this video, thanks. Lilith