Jennifer Saparzadeh

Lausanne, Suisse

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Jennifer Saparzadeh was born in Los Angeles, California two years after her families emigration from Iran to the USA. She started making super 8 films in adolescence and continued to work with 16mm and lo-fi digital materials thereafter. Ms. Saparzadeh moved to Switzerland for love and studied film-making in Geneva and Lausanne where she created her first produced film, Shabe Sher/The Night of Songs. She continues her work with small community theaters as she creates experimental films in Los Angeles, CA and Lausanne, Switzerland. If you are interested in watching her most recent film "The Night of Songs", feel free to email her.

Shabe Sher / The Night of Songs, Docu-Fiction, 13 minutes, 2014
Desespero Magnânimo, Docu-Ficiton, 6 minutes, 2013
Autoportrait, Docu-Fiction, 2 minutes, 2012
The Roma in Geneva, Documentary, 10 minutes, 2013
Slowly, Fiction, 10 minutes, 2012


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