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I am a designer right to the core, nothing makes me happier. I think even since drawing on my mothers white living room wall at the age of 4 in bright blue and pink crayons, I have been destined to design things.

Nothing makes me happier than to produce a design, whether it be a video, logo, or website that makes the client say WOW. Cheesy or what hey?!

Professionally I run and manage Black Lime Design - and though I have been producing videos for around 6 to 7 years, I have only started professionally offering video production as a service, hence why my portfolio is a little thin.

Please please please do not let that put you off, as everyone has to start somewhere.

For a limited period I will be offering cut prices, purely to build up my portfolio. If you are interested, drop me a cheeky message and lets get started

Speak soon people

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