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  1. My Family Portrait

    by Jared Foster joined

    892 Videos / 750 Members

    Connect the world with your family portraits thru video. Simply videotape your family like a photograph. Get them to laugh, smile, stare, look natural, or strike a pose. Be sure to tag your videos…

  2. documentary

    by Christian Thorge Schmidt joined

    2,622 Videos / 1,077 Members

  3. Vimeo Weekend Challenge

    by Cameron Christopher joined

    6,425 Videos / 21.7K Members

    Want to participate in our weekly Challenges? Join the Group to receive messages and new Challenges! Only add relevant videos, please.

  4. || tallscreen.

    by Giorgio Constantine joined

    44 Videos / 519 Members

    Welcome to the advent of a new wave of videography. This is a group for videos that are shot and demonstrated vertically. {Basically it's Eye Candy for your blogs} We are interested to see…

  5. Climbing Competitions!

    by Vast Motion Pictures joined

    101 Videos / 54 Members

    Even though we all love the outdoors, sports climbing and bouldering competitions is still fun as hell! This group is the place to put all your sports climbing and bouldering competitions, championships,…

  6. climbing / escalada

    by pinito74 joined

    619 Videos / 144 Members

    group for climbers in general grupo para los aficionados a la escalada en general

  7. Happyclimb - Bouldering & Climbing

    by Bione Happyclimb joined

    2,022 Videos / 324 Members

  8. Drive by shooting

    by kruzer joined

    364 Videos / 127 Members

    If ya shot it from the car we want it ! Nothing else can be posted on this site but videos shot from the car. If it's OUTSIDE of the car... we don't want it here :)

  9. Bouldering

    by Savage Films joined

    3,587 Videos / 743 Members

    Bouldering videos from around the globe!

  10. Videoclimb

    by Videoclimb.com joined

    146 Videos / 478 Members

    This is the Vimeo group of Videoclimb.com, a website made to bring you the finest selection of the very best climbing videos available online. We bring you one new climbing video every 48 hours! Visit…

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