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  1. mpgxsvcd
  2. Gordon Laing

    Gordon Laing Plus Brighton, UK


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    Hi everyone, I'm Gordon Laing, Editor of www.cameralabs.com and www.dslrtips.com. I publish reviews of digital cameras and lenses on Cameralabs, along with tutorials on DSLR Tips, most of which include video demos. I've been into photography since childhood, and made a career of testing…

  3. Steve Moraco

    Steve Moraco Colorado, Georgia, France, HK


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    I'm an author/photographer, but I'm probably most well known for the Waldo Canyon Fire Timelapse. My vimeo account features those rare times where my explorations delve into the realm of short films. Occasionally I make silly videos or fun shorts, maybe even other time lapses. You'll see…

  4. Nick Hope

    Nick Hope Thailand


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    My videos, mostly underwater, are at http://www.youtube.com/user/bubblevision

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