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  1. ...(from previous)... On each previous upload, the video stops uploading with the "Oops..." message after 50%, 74%, 92%, etc. We tried last night for 6 hours (about 8 upload attempts), and repeated another 8 today for about another 6 hours. Very…
  2. Hello, Vimeo crew! I've been asked by Mark (Vimeo) to post my problem here for development and resolution. Storymark Productions is a professional video production company. We are well-versed with the Vimeo upload instructions and compression…
  3. Ok, Mark. Will do.
  4. Uploading. Just tried again...wasted another long period of time, and it crapped-out at 94%!!! This is unbelievably frustrating. What is wrong with Vimeo's upload server??? I pay for this service.
  5. Extremely frustrating, especially for a guy coping with PTSD. :) Help, please.
  6. Hello. I'm having the same exact problem. I'm uploading a video I previously uploaded 5 times (also with some degree of difficulty, like freezing at 38%, 72%, or worse, 97%!!). Now, all last night (7 attempts) and today (6 attempts), same message:…