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  1. MASH

    by Mainframe (North) subscribed to

    44 Videos / 367 Followers

    Various examples of how our fancy suite of Maya nodes work. MASH is a procedural animation toolkit for Maya. Vote for us in the CG Awards - https://thecgawards.com/vote/plug-in/ Go on!

  2. CG Fluids Reference

    by Nicolas Zabala subscribed to

    28 Videos / 100 Followers

    Compilation of references for fluid simulations.

  3. Geneome's Houdini Tutorials

    by geneome subscribed to

    17 Videos / 250 Followers

    Houdini tutorials I've done. I've done more than what's on Vimeo which you can find at http://www.geneome.com.

  4. Top Motion

    by andreu lucio subscribed to

    142 Videos / 484 Followers

    Complex hi quality 3d motion videos.


    by Vitor Teixeira subscribed to

    429 Videos / 1,347 Followers

    Fluids Simulation Channel aims to become not only a way to showcase videos but a place of knowledge and information, showing us what is available and what we can find in the vast world wide web. Information…

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