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I am an honest, determined, personally responsible sister, daughter, aunt, neice, christian, wife, mother and friend of many of the most amazing people on this planet. I believe in FREEDOM, I beieve in FUN, I believe there are many ways to THINK OUTSIDE OF WHAT'S YOUR NORMAL !!!! I believe that EVERYONE HAS SOMETHING VALUABLE AND IMPORTANT TO CONTRIBUTE depsite socio-economic status, age, color, demographic, level of education (GED or Ivy League), sexual preference, or gender!! How dare you look down at any other human being. My dream is that one day all of us will show the world our ROSA PARKS, CHRIS ROCK, BILL GATES,ELTON JOHN, MOTHER THERESA, GHANDI, TAYLOR SWIFT, ABE LINCOLN, KELSEY CARROLL, xx NAME A HERO xx, and it will shine through to those who are so closed minded, opinionated, and scared of everything that's not "comfortable" to them. When you're uncomfortable you're growing!


  1. You Don't Own Me

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