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There's nothing between trust and a man of transcendent genius!
I like : "whose any mystery makes every man's flesh put space on;and his mind take off time"(e.e. cummings)
Live in hope of better selfcontrol.
I've no regrets about my dreams....and I'm dreaming with reality on the side.


  1. Rija Films
  2. Baraka & Samsara
  3. Metron
  4. TSO Photography
  5. Daniel Csobot
  6. GoPro
  7. ripbm
  8. Tara Mackey
  9. NYC School Library Services
  10. Contemporary Art Society
  11. ITVLondon
  12. Carlos Lascano
  13. The Distillery
  14. Fortnight Journal
  15. Loukianos
  16. SkyMotion Video
  17. Kastaniotis Editions

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