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Washington, D.C.

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LAUREN POND is a freelance photojournalist who specializes in coverage of religion. By sharing the human stories that underlie doctrine, she hopes to foster new understanding about a topic that is often opaque and generalized.

Not raised in a particularly religious environment herself, Lauren has long been curious about the world's diverse belief systems and the role of faith in everyday human life. Her interests have led her to photograph Senegal's controversial Qur'anic education system, America's flourishing "Heathen" movement, and youth Pentecostal serpent-handling culture, among other topics.

Outside of her documentary work, Lauren likes to photograph natural landscapes and explore the psychological tension therein. She also enjoys narrative writing and appreciates the power of words to give photographs new meaning.

Lauren currently leads the Exhibitions Committee for the Women Photojournalists of Washington and is a member of the Religion Newswriters Association. Her clients include The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, and Religion News Service, among others.

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