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I like filming, directing, sound and video editing... So yeah, a bit of everything really. Big goal is to get a BAFTA for my black comedy / drama.
I like Ricky Gervais and Russell Brand humour.

Sometimes I see my life like if it was a film, and I say 'If this was a film, next shot / scene would be this & that"


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  2. Joe Duffy
  3. Mat Johns
  4. Isabelle Winkler
  5. Richard Addlesee
  6. John Grey
  7. Pyro Cat Films
  8. Andrew Cullimore
  9. Elliot Taylor
  10. Pekka Lehtikangas
  11. Filmonik Manchester - OFFICIAL
  12. Una Love
  13. Steve Ireland
  14. Jonny Pratt
  15. Phil McDuff
  16. Daniel Crooke
  17. Paul Anderton
  18. Ben Edmundson

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  1. Well done, guys. This was one of my favourite films ;-)