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Scattered Media is a project of Marine Ventures Foundation. Marine Ventures Foundation was started in 2000 to fund innovative ecosystem protection projects on every continent. Our project funding focus has always centered on two key themes – 1) the employment of advanced technology to solve complex problems and 2) documentary film and photography to advance conservation goals, disrupt the entrenched commercial and government agency bias and support the next generation conservation leaders that can deliver results. Our experience over the last decade of funding is not without many failures and some successes. Many times the real measure of success is seen over a decade rather than a 2-4 year project timeframe. We are willing to invest and go outside the box to find what we see as the critical ingredients to conservation success – a dynamic and significant ecosystem, local talented and passionate conservation partners with a long term focus and an actionable plan for success. And even with all three, success sometimes is elusive or is beyond a timeframe for us.

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