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I RAN.........

I ran from Jesus for years,I was told many times I had a calling on my life and still ran from Jesus because i wanted to do what i wanted to do.You may think you are in charge of your life but you are not,He will just put things in your way,put people in and take people away just to do His will,It is just a lot more better to just give your life to Him and allow Him to have control.....

"Leave me alone."

Jesus sighed.

"I can clean you up. I can protect you."

His child curled up in to a tighter ball.

"I don't know why You're still here." he barked.

Jesus opened His mouth, but there only escaped a soft groan.

"I can be your Shepherd. I can watch over you."

The child grew irritated.

"Look, just shut up already. I don't need anything, especially from You. Can't You get the hint?"

Jesus looked down and took one step towards His child of the night.

"I can hold you. I can heal you."

The child flinched.

"Stop...stop it..." the child whispers, fighting back tears. "Go away. Go away!!!"

Jesus jumped slightly from the tone in His child's voice. He watched as His child rose slowly,

his legs battered. The child fell because of the anguish he felt in his legs.

"Please." Jesus said as He extended His hand towards the child.

The child didn't even look up.

He crawled away from Jesus as fast as he could, only to hide behind a wall further from where Jesus was.

He wasn't giving up.

Jesus took another step closer towards His child of the night.
"How long do you intend to do this, child?" He asked.

The child was hesitant.

"Until You get the hell away from me!" the child replied with a huff.

Jesus took another step towards His child.
"When do you expect for this to happen?" He asked.

"Now!!!" the child screamed.

Jesus heard His child sobbing wildly. His own beautiful tears ran down his cheeks.

"Dear child..." Jesus said as He took another step. "Let Me love you."

The child continued sobbing. Jesus slowly walked towards him, making sure He wasn't frightening him.

When a Jesus reached the wall, He knelt down and touched it tenderly. The child felt a tingle down his spine.

"Let Me love you." Jesus whispered against the wall.

The child heard loud and clear.

"I have so much love for you, My son. So much I want to give to you."

Jesus slowly slumped against the wall and let His tears run down His beautiful Face. He heard His child sniffing.

"Stop running. Stop hiding. When do My eyes leave you? When have I stopped caring?"
He heard His child wipe his endless tears.

"I love you, My boy. My boy..." Jesus smiled, His tears not ceasing. "You are My own. And I would never abandon you."

Jesus looked at His hands. The child shifted his body.

"I have so much love for just you, child. Even if you were the only human living on Earth, I would be more than willing to die for you."

It was silent.

"I don't care how badly you want Me away." He said strongly. "I don't care how long I have to sit here and wait. I will. No matter how long it takes."


Jesus folded his hands and looked up. He then heard cold hands against the stone floor.

His child was crawling towards Him and finally collapsed in His lap.

Jesus looked at His own and more tears, no longer tears of sorrow, ran down His Face.

"Help me..." the child choked out, clutching Jesus' robes. "I frickin sorry..." he whispered as he started to weep violently.

Jesus smiled softly and caressed His child's thick and curly light blonde hair.

Darkness tried to dominate the young boy's body, but Jesus thrust His hand out and it immediately vanished.

He then slowly wrapped His arms around His child and stood.

"I'm sorry..." the child whispered, clinging on to Jesus' robe.

Jesus said nothing, but smiled as He brought His child back in to the light.

Sin has a way to come into your life and to put up walls,do not allow these things to happen,Jesus loves you just turn away from your wrong doing,ask Him in to your heart and be baptized to show the body of Christ you are ready to live your life for the Lord.If you ever need a friend just add me ill be here for you,you are not alone.

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