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  1. The Arts

    by Gene Geter

    9,893 Videos / 3,198 Members

    A group for creative, artistic and experimental videos.

  2. nudie cutie

    by dolphins can swim

    9,521 Videos / 8,190 Members

    brand new! erotic and nudie fun- sexy and sensual! join and feel free to post, remove and repost every so often if you feel your undiscovered video needs a little push! but if your video has already…

  3. Sexy girls and sexy women in Vimeo

    by Rin + Sexy

    7,410 Videos / 5,817 Members

    Sexy girls and sexy women in Vimeo http://vimeo.com/channels/RinSexy http://vimeo.com/groups/RinSexy/albums http://Rin-Sexy.tumblr.com/ http://twitter.com/RinSexy1

  4. Fashion and Photography

    by Nick Blume

    4,783 Videos / 1,714 Members

  5. Best Fashion-Fine Art Videos

    by Posza Robert

    3,577 Videos / 1,520 Members

    Best Fashion-Art Video

  6. Naked

    by Roger Bonque

    3,374 Videos / 4,072 Members

    All about complete nudity

  7. Exit to Eden

    by Diane Lowe

    3,014 Videos / 4,189 Members

    Fantasy, seduction, imagination Filled with the most beautiful sexy women on Vimeo. For more amazing videos follow Cafe Fantasy @ vimeo.com/channels/cafefantasy

  8. Erotica Visuala

    by Hybryds

    3,004 Videos / 5,365 Members

    All visuals dealing with erotic, nudes, and sexual ideas. No porn, although we like to cross borders with this group. No slideshows of pictures, do not post to much, keep room for others.

  9. the Beauty of a Woman

    by Leo Braz

    2,867 Videos / 2,946 Members

  10. Filmmakers HD

    by Ryan Kramer

    2,682 Videos / 712 Members

    A place to feature your HD film making abilities


    by tsurufoto.

    1,807 Videos / 4,225 Members

    Short films celebrating all things nudie! Films may be shared at tsurufoto's http://nudiegram.com site with full credit and link back to the original video page. Love, Aaron Tsuru http://tsurufoto.com http://nudiezine.com

  12. Nudism

    by Nudist

    1,400 Videos / 2,800 Members

    nude people in the nature look also at: http://www.nudistenblog.net

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